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“BEGINNING SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2013, Goodall Homes will be selling all new floorplans in our Hillview Farms community, which sits nestled in the rolling hills off of Hickory Ridge Road in Lebanon, Tennessee.  With five different floorplans starting at only $199,990, there is sure to be a home that will be perfect for you.

Please click HERE to view information on Goodall Homes at Hillview Farms, including floorplans we are offering, virtual tours, pricing, and more.

If you are interested in finding out more about Hillview Farms, or to schedule a time to visit this community, please call (615) 448-8929.”

Introducing the Liftmaster 195LM Ceiling Mount

Enhance the look of your installation!  The new Liftmaster 195LM Ceiling Mount gives you the style and functionality you’ve been missing with regular angle iron.  The black powder-coated ceiling mount hides wires and cords for a cleaner look.  Built to fit most garages, it is an easy way to give you a better install.

– Easy one-cut system for time-efficient installs.
– Minimum and maximum install height range: 6.5″ tp 24″.
– Horizontal and perpendicular fit based on joist layout, both 16″ and 24″ on center.
– Integrated wire management system hides most cords and wires.
– Black powder-coated finish provides a smooth, sleek and upgraded look.


Was your garage door opener manufactured prior to 1993? Read here…

Position on Garage Door Openers Manufactured Prior to 1993
We are committed to the highest standards of product safety. Over the years, the LiftMaster® brand has led the industry in introducing innovative product safety features. As a company, we have manufactured garage door openers for 50 years with a safety record that ranks as one of the best in the industry.In the early 1990s, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) enacted into law new rules ensuring that all garage door openers manufactured after 1992 had external entrapment protection devices, such as infrared sensors or sensing edges, in addition to the internal contact reverse mechanism. Garage door openers made prior to 1993 are safe and reliable if installed, tested, and maintained properly. However, the vast majority of these older units are not equipped with infrared sensors or other external entrapment protection devices, and thus do not meet today’s standards for garage door opener safety. To insure the highest degree of safety and customer satisfaction, we believe it is important that pre-1993 garage door openers are replaced, as opposed to being repaired.In 2008, Chamberlain made the decision to stop supporting the repair of all pre-1993 LiftMaster garage door openers, this includes technical service support and the sale of replacement parts. We believe this decision will provide you with the latest in technology and more safety, security, and convenience features. Chamberlain will not be responsible for warranty or liabilities incurred as a result of someone repairing a pre-1993 (non-infrared or safety sensing) garage door opener.

We believe this decision is in the best interest of our customers, as safety always comes first.

To see if your garage door opener needs to be upgraded, call us at 615-822-3667, and we can set up an appointment for a free estimate!


Liftmaster 877MAX – Wireless Keyless Entry System

Wireless Keyless Entry System
Open or close your garage door without using a remote control or key. The LiftMaster® Wireless Keyless Entry System can open the door using a private 4-digit code you program directly into the unit. You can also program it with temporary access codes for visitors or delivery and service personnel so they can gain access to your garage without having to give them your personal code. Plus, it works with all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since January 1993.
  • Security+2.0™ and Security+® rolling code technology assures a new code is sent every time the keypad is used and virtually eliminates interference
  • Temporary password option enables visitors or delivery and service personnel to enter the garage without giving them your personal code
  • Completely wireless – powered by one 9-volt battery (included)
  • Weatherproof flip-up protective cover
  • Backlit keypad makes numbers easy to see, even in the dark
  • One-button-to-close feature makes it easier than ever to close your garage door (works with all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since 2006)
  • Compatible with all LiftMaster® garage door openers manufactured since January 1993



June is “Garage Door Safety” Month

“The International Door Association (IDA) created “Garage Door Safety” Month to remind homeowners and their families about garage door safety and maintenance.

Safety plays an increasingly important role in garage door design. All new garage doors incorporate photoelectric eyes that stop and reverse the door if a child, an animal or an object passes in front of them.
To test a garage door opener, place a roll of paper towels under the door, and lower it. When the door hits the towels, it should reverse. If it doesn’t, have it checked.
A professional should inspect and make any repairs, but here are a few tips on other things to watch for:

  • Check that the door opens and closes smoothly. If not, the springing system may need to be adjusted or replaced.
  • Look for loose brackets on the garage door. Because they are under tension, they can cause serious injury if loosened or removed.
  • Gauge the age of your garage door springs. They, too, are tightly wound and can cause damage or injury if they wear out and break.
  • Check for any frayed or worn cables.
  • Teach children about garage door safety. Place the control switch for the garage door opener at least 5′ above the floor so that small children can’t reach it; remind them that the garage door opener is not a toy.
  • Use the red emergency cord to release the garage door locking mechanism if the power is out.

An annual visit from a trained garage door technician can keep your door operating safely and smoothly. For more safety and maintenance advice visit

Call us today to set up your annual service call!  615-822-3667