LiftMaster Universal Garage Door Remote & Keyless Entry

LiftMaster Universal Remote Control – 375LM
LiftMaster Universal Keyless Entry – 387LM

LiftMaster® Universal Products are designed to work with a variety of different garage door opener manufacturers and frequencies, giving you more flexibility and control of garage and home access. They are the perfect choice if you need to replace a lost remote control, add an extra remote to your multi-car family, or simply to complement your existing garage access system. Both products deliver the latest technology in security, convenience, and performance.

Six Great Reasons to Choose the LiftMaster Universal Remote Control and Keyless Entry

  1. They work with all LiftMaster and Chamberlain codes and frequencies, as well as most other garage door opener manufacturers.
  2. You need a replacement remote control, or you just want to add an extra remote to your multi-car family, but you don’t want to research what specific remote will work with your system.
  3. You can simplify your life if you have two different types of garage door openers, or want to operate a gate opener as well.
  4. Operate two different garage door opener manufacturers or frequencies at the same time using the same remote control, so it’s like having two remotes in one!
  5. Both products deliver the latest technology in security, convenience, and performance.
  6. You can rest assured knowing LiftMaster is the world’s #1 professionally-installed garage door opener brand, and LiftMaster products offer safety, security, and convenience, and are proven to withstand even the harshest of elements and years of extended use.

Contact us today to get a replacement remote control or keyless entry for your garage access system no matter what brand of garage door opener you have!

Winter-Proof Your Garage Door

As the colder weather approaches, it’s a good idea to start thinking about winter-proofing your garage door.  With your garage door being the largest door in your home, it is a major contributing factor to the temperature inside of your house.  If your door needs insulation, adding insulation panels is very easy, and can help lower the monthly energy cost.

If you’re looking to replace your non-insulated door with a new vinyl-back or steel-back insulate door before winter arrives, we can help!  No better time than now to take care of your garage door so that the cold weather doesn’t affect the cozy temperature you’ve created for your home!

Call us today for more information on insulation panels for your non-insulated door, or for a FREE measure/estimate for a new insulated garage door!


Garage Door Seal: Astragal

With the colder weather upon us, it is the time that we find unwanted pests, such as raccoons, skunks, or other critters in our garage.  They are on the lookout for a warm shelter, and if your garage door has any gaps or if it’s left open for long periods of time, they just scurry on in, making themselves at home.  Not only do they not belong there, but they can do damage to whatever we house in the garage, as well as doing damage to the garage door or safety sensors.

If your garage door needs new sealing for the bottom of the door, we have what you need.  The rubber astragal can be damaged or warped over time, needing to be replaced.  We also offer storm shield which attaches to the concrete, with the door coming down to meet it.  That provides a little extra coverage, as well as protecting against water, dirt or debris.

Another option to help keep unwelcomed critters from your garage is to invest in a garage door screen.  While we don’t currently offer garage door screens, they are a nice addition to your garage, especially if you are one who keeps the garage door opened (probably more-so in the warmer months!) while working in or outside.  They are great for keeping bugs out and letting the fresh air in!


Garage Door Maintenance: Fall/Winter

Fall is here, and Winter is on the way… That means it’s a good time to have your garage door serviced, as well as having the springs on the door checked.

You can check for any problems with your garage door. To test the balance of your garage door, pull the red-handled emergency release cord. This disconnects the door from the opener, allowing you to open your door by hand. While raising and lowering the door a few times, listen carefully for any squeaking noises. This is the sound of hinges that need to be lubricated. Your garage door hinges will generally need to be lubricated once a year (remember to use silicone).
The next step is to lower your door all the way down, then raise it to about two-three feet off the ground and let go. Did your door stay in place with little or no downward slide? If yes, your springs are still working fine. But if the door feels heavy and sags, your springs are showing their age and starting to wear.

Sometimes the cold weather can cause your door to stick or the springs to break, so before that happens, call us for a service call!


Clopay® Garage Door Featured on DIY Network “Ice My House” Television Special

Clopay and Above and Beyond Garage Doors helped rapper turned home renovator Vanilla Ice transform an overgrown backyard into an urban oasis for a Queens, New York couple selected as the grand prize winners of the DIY Network’s “Ice My House” contest.


The makeover episode will air Tuesday, October 22 at 6 p.m. E/P on the DIY Network.

A few years ago the contest winners decided to purchase a fixer-upper in a neighborhood where they could be close to family. The couple started remodeling the inside, but with full-time careers they were running out of time and money to tackle the outside of the house. Winning the contest was a dream come true.

DIY and Vanilla Ice’s team of contractors spent 10 days upgrading the yard with items on the couple’s wish list including an outdoor kitchen, a pool and a gazebo. Clopay dealer Dennis Dubowski and his team also installed a Coachman Collection carriage house garage door as part of the $30,000 project.

The home’s detached garage is a prominent focal point of the backyard so it was important to upgrade the door to set the stage for the newly designed entertaining area. The carriage house design fits the architecture of the house much better than the original door. Most importantly, the homeowners are thrilled with the results.

To learn more about the Coachman Collection and see all of the design and finish options, visit /coachman.aspx.

For details about “Ice My House – Queens” visit

Clopay Garage Doors Featured on “New Southern Home”

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection faux wood carriage house style garage doors were one of the many unique architectural details featured on the New Southern Home, the official show home of the 2013 Southeast Building Conference (SEBC), held July 11-13 in Orlando. Built by NWC Construction in Belle Isle, Florida, the New Southern Home showcased the latest innovations in design, luxury and technology, along with cutting-edge green building products and practices that maximize indoor air quality, water conservation, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Clopay’s Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series garage doors featuring Intellicore fit perfectly with the home’s coastal farmhouse style and eco-friendly design. Made of a durable composite material that looks like real wood, the door won’t rot, warp or crack, significantly reducing long-term maintenance costs.  The durable, 5-layer construction includes an energy-efficient 2″-tick polyurethane insulated steel core with a 20.4 R-value. The builder selected factory-stained Mahogany cladding and overlays with Clopay’s built-in WindCode reinforcement system.  Florida Door Solutions managed the installation.

LiftMaster Promotion – October 14th – November 15th, 2013.

When you purchase any of the following LiftMaster openers from October 14th through November 15th, you can receive a FREE 829LM Garage and Gate Monitor:

– Model 8550 DC Belt Drive
– Model 8355 1/2 HP Belt Drive
– Model 8500 Residential Jackshaft
– Model 8557 3/4 HP Belt Drive
– Model 8587 3/4 HP Chain Drive

Call us for more details!  615-822-3667



LiftMaster Service Bulletin: 888LM MyQ Control Panel

When the 888LM MyQ Control Panel is connected to the LiftMaster Internet Gateway, it creates a two-day communication system which randomly sends out a burst signal of information through the 900MHz radio system.  This burst signal has been found to potentially trigger motion sensors of secondary wall control panels when the first wall control is mounted less than 12″ away horizontally and less than 28″ away vertically.  This close proximity may cause the lights on garage door openers to become erratic. If you encounter this situation, please use either of the techniques described below to correct the situation:

– Separate the 888LM MyQ Control Panel from the other motion sensor by at least 12″ horizontally and 28″ vertically.
– Turn off the motion sensor on the device that is displaying erratic behavior.

If the techniques above do not resolve the issue, please contact LiftMaster’s Technical Support Center at 1-800-528-6563 for further assistance.