How to Buy a Garage Door: Infographic


Most homeowners will buy or replace a garage door once in their lifetime.

Clopay Coachman Collection. Design 13, Rectangular 13 Glass. White Base, White Overlay.

Chances are it’s not something you know much about until you find yourself Googling garage doors. Here’s a quick overview on the steps involved in shopping for a new door.

Contact your local Master Authorized Clopay Dealer, Dixie Door, and we’ll send someone out for a free estimate and measure.  We’ll bring color samples, brochures, and answer any questions you have in regards to your garage door.  You might also try Clopay’s design tool to see how different door styles change your home’s appearance. You can save each image and even share them on Facebook to let your friends vote for their favorite door.


Proving the Value of an Insulated Garage Door – Consumer Review


We often talk about the impact a garage door has on a home’s curb appeal. After a long, frigid winter, most of us are looking for climate appeal anywhere we can find it – including inside the garage.

A Clopay dealer located in Pennsylvania recently shared a Facebook post from one of his customers, who conducted his own field test to compare the performance of his new Clopay door with Intellicore® insulation technology to his original wood garage door.

Would the insulated steel door keep his garage 10 to 15 degrees warmer on a cold winter day like the dealer said?

Armed with a basic thermometer and a sheet of notebook paper, he recorded the temperature inside and outside the garage before and after the Clopay Intellicore door was installed.

Look at the results:

Before and after: The garage is 20 degrees warmer during a bitter cold snap.

The dealer says the customer didn’t doubt that the new garage door would improve the comfort of his garage – he just wasn’t convinced that the temperature difference would be so drastic, especially since wood has natural insulating properties.

He was pleasantly surprised and contacted the dealer with his findings.

Intellicore insulation technology is available on many Clopay residential garage door models.

Creating the WOW factor – Home Exteriors Spring Trends Report


Whether you’re building or remodeling in 2014, a number of surveys show that homeowners are setting higher expectations for the outside of their home.

Good looks and low-maintenance are the attributes homebuyers value most when sizing up their options for exterior design and materials according to Professional Builder magazine’s annual Home Exteriors survey.

Great design/curb appeal was cited by 60.1% of builders and architects as the most important concern for their customers, followed by low-maintenance, and energy efficiency/ongoing cost-savings.

Planning to sell? Garage door upgrades rank in the Top 5 home improvement projects that generate the biggest bang for your buck at resale, according to the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value report.

Garage doors rank high for two reasons: they are among the most affordable projects in the survey and they have the biggest impact on a prospective buyer’s first impression.

Homeowners who replace their garage door can expect to recoup an 83.7% return at resale, on average, nationwide. Steel entry door replacement is the No. 1 project.

Another notable trend: carriage house style garage doors are the “it look” among the garage door set, representing one out of every five residential doors sold today in North America. Sales in the category have tripled since 2005, when the Door and Access Manufacturers Association conducted its original survey to gauge the popularity of carriage style doors.


1.  Glamming up the Garage – Black is Back!

Move over white!  Clopay’s new thermal reflective “cool paint” technology reduces heat absorption and retention keeping surface temperatures significantly cooler than traditional paint allowing you the brand new option of black.

2.  Going All Natural.

Clopay Customer Reserve Collection – carriage house style

In addition to offering a complete line of wood doors, Clopay has introduced several eco-friendly faux wood garage door designs that have homeowners saying, “We’ll take the fake!”

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series

Clopay’s Canyon Ridge Collection faux wood carriage style garage doors provide realistic beauty and charm in a durable, energy-efficient, low-maintenance door with composite cladding molded from wood boards. The material won’t rot, warp, or crack. The 2″-thick polyurethane insulated core provides a 20.4 R-value for year round comfort. Fourteen designs in three stain colors are available.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Ultra-Grain Series low-maintenance insulated faux wood carriage style garage door that combines steel with composite overlays.

Clopay Gallery Collection – Long Panel, Double Strength Glass w/ Arch 1 Grilles

3.  A Breath of Fresh Air.

Clopay Avante Collection


Glamming Up the Garage: Clopay Introduces Steel Garage Doors in Black and Color Expansion in Bronze


Move over white doors, in 2014 we’ll be seeing a lot more drama and glamour in the place we park our cars as Clopay adds black to its steel garage door color wheel and more options in Bronze.

Painting a steel door a dark color like black  or bronze used to be a no-no, but new thermal reflective “cool paint” technology reduces heat absorption and retention, making hot surfaces and risk of thermal bowing a thing of the past.

Clopay’s factory-applied black paint finish will be available on the Gallery® Collection and Classic Collection doors with Intellicore® insulation technology in March. Visit /residential-garage-doors.aspx to see design options, which include matching decorative windows and hardware. In addition to the cool technology, the Black color will come standard with a thicker 24 gauge exterior steel surface.  This will result in Black doors having a different spring weight than other colors.

Black is now available in the following Clopay models:  GD2S/LU, GD1S/LU, GD2S/LP, GD1S/LP, 9200, 9201, 9202, 9203, 9130, 9131, 9132, 9133, 4300, 4301 and 4310.  Black is not available in the 1-3/8″ Residential Steel Back door (4050, 4051, 4053) as of 4/03/2014.

Bronze is now available in the following Clopay models:  GD2S/LU, GD1S/LU, GD2S/LP, GD1S/LP, 9200, 9201, 9202, 9203, 9130, 9131, 9132, 9133, 4300, 4301, 4310, 4050, 4051, and 4053.

Stop Mold (vinyl/weatherstripping) – Black stop mold will be available in 2 types only, dual flap stop mold and hollow heat resistant designs.  Traditional vinyl stop mold options are not available in black at this time.