Architects and Builders Choose Clopay Garage Doors for High Profile Projects


Clopay has invested in producing two new videos that show homeowners, builders and architects the beauty, reliability and value that Clopay garage doors can bring to any important home project.

The first video spotlights the 2014 New American Home, the official showcase house of the International Builders’ Show (IBS).  The stunning 6,700 square-foot home rises out of the foothills of the exclusive Sky Terrace housing development in Henderson Nevada.  The new video features interviews with the home’s architect and builder, both of whom comment extensively on their choice of an Avante door from Clopay.  Architect Jeff Berkus stated, “This Avante door is truly a work of art.”

The second video focuses on Atlanta-based builder Epic Development and their dramatic transformation of a foreclosed 1970s-era contemporary house into a highly marketable modern prairie home.  Again, the Avante provided an ideal solution.  “When those Avante doors are backlit, they’re gorgeous,” said Jim LaVallee of Epic Development.




New American Home Video:

Epic Development:


LiftMaster Logic 5.0 and MyQ Commercial Openers – Now Available


Ensuring commercial door entrances are secure is more than a convenience – it’s a necessity.  LiftMaster, the nation’s leading manufacturer of commercial door operators, is making it even easier to ensure commercial facilities are secure.  In October 2014, authorized LiftMaster Dealers will have the opportunity to provide commercial customers with new LiftMaster Logic 5.0 Commercial Door Operators, the industry’s first line of internet-connected commercial door operator and the next generation of commercial door operators.

Logic 5.0 integrates LiftMaster’s proprietary MyQ Technology, allowing municipalities such as firehouses and businesses of all sizes to monitor and control their commercial doors from their connected smartphone, tablet or coputer anywhere, anytime.  MyQ Technology will enable users to be confident their commercial doors are closed and their facility is secure.  Users can elect to receive email or mobile alerts on the status of their commercial doors for added security and peace of mind.

“Commercial customers are becoming increasingly connected and are seeking more control, security and confidence in their lives,” said Bryan Laurinec, Director of Marketing for LiftMaster commercial operators.  “LiftMaster’s Logic 5.0 Commercial Door Operators deliver on commitment to creating quality, innovative and advanced products, and give LiftMaster Dealers an edge by offering the industry’s first ever internet-connected commercial door operator.”

Built upon industry proven technology, the new Logic 5.0 incorporates everything you know and trust about Logic 4.0, while revolutionizing connectivity with a commercial door operator.  The new LiftMaster Logic 5.0 line also incorporates LiftMaster’s Security+ 2.0 radio receiver patented technology that creates a strong and reliable signal to access property quickly and safely.  The technology virtually eliminates interference and delivers twice the range of standard remotes.  With every click, a new code is sent to the commercial door operator, ensuring the door only opens for the individual pressing the remote, and that the door opener stops and closes conveniently and reliably every time.

The new line will include LiftMaster standard features, including monitored entrapment protection through photo eyes and optical door edges, control function selection switches with a positioning selector dial and 3-button control to simplify setup and programming with open, close, and stop buttons conveniently located directly on the Logic 5.0 board.  LiftMaster’s Maintenance Alert System (MAS) Programming establishes a routine maintenance schedule based upon the number of door cylces or calendar date.  An integrated Timer-to-Close function allows programming in 1-second and 15-second increments for time automatic door closure after the door reaches the full open position.  LiftMaster’s Logic 5.0 line is compliant to local codes to make approval easy at final inspection.


About LiftMaster

LiftMaster is the number one brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers, as well as a major manufacturer of commercial door operators, residential and commercial gate operators, telephone entry systems and related access control products.  Driven by the access and security needs of the marketplace, LiftMaster’s expansive line of state-of-the-art residential and commercial products are designed to fit any lifestyle or application, providing the latest technology and innovations in safety, security and convenience.