Maintenance Is Key For Extended Life On Garage

Garage doors are easily overlooked as a major appliance inside the home. Not many homeowners think to have their garage door serviced annually. However, doing so can extend the life of your garage door, and ensure safety. A neglected garage door can pose a significant safety risk to your family, especially children.

The noises that you hear should be your first sign that your garage door should be serviced. Lubricating the hinges, roller tracks, rollers, and latches with a penetrating solvent, can keep your garage moving with ease and prevent unwanted broken parts. Replacing the astragal, or weather stripping as some may call it keeps your garage free of debris and unwanted pests. A worn astragal strip also may allow rainwater to seep underneath the garage door, causing valuables to become damaged.

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Clopay Introduces Three New Color Options

Clopay has announced three new color choices to help had more curb appeal to your home. Now, when you begin the process of picking out a new door for your home, you can choose from: Walnut Classic Ultra-Grain, Glacier White, and Mocha Brown. Call us today for more information on availability, 615-822-3667.

Pull Ropes Now Come With Higher Quality Material

Customers have requested higher quality pull ropes on their Garage Door Openers. There are many commercial doors that are manually operated. When these doors are used frequently the rope can become worn and frayed.

The new rope is a 5/16″ Carrier Diamond Braid and made of polyester material. It has a better feel to accommodate the manual operation.

Custom Designs Now Available Clopay Collections

Custom designs and special requests are now available on Coachman, Canyon Ridge, and Reserve Collection Garage Doors.

Clopay’s Coachman and Canyon Ridge Collections offer a complete portfolio of design options for homeowners who love the look of wood, but not the upkeep. In addition to the basic models offered in each of the collections, Clopay can also build custom designs. Whether it’s extended heights on a Coachman Collection door or an additional panel of windows on a Canyon Ridge Collection door, Clopay can tailor the construction of the door to meet the specifications of the customer.

Clopay’s engineering team is great at analyzing all special requests. All special requests are confirmed by professionals to ensure your design can be built to Clopay’s high standards.

Call us today, 615-822-3667 for more information on a custom design garage door for your home.

Clopay Expands Canyon Ridge Doors

Clopay is expanding their Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Doors by marketing a new design. Design 01 will provide a product with cladding only, no overlay, for a more transitional contemporary look. This design option is only available as a solid door, meaning no windows, with no additional top section options.

The doors can be made with several cladding material choices such as: Clear Cypress, Mahogany, or Pecky Cypress cladding material. Along with those choices to add to your door, the customer also has five finish color options like, walnut, dark, medium, whitewash, and primed.