C.H.I. Adds New Color Option

C.H.I. Garage Doors has added a new standard color offering to the two-inch residential polyurethane doors. Black is now available to order on raised panel models 2216/4216, flush model 2217 and stamped carriage house models 5216/5916.

C.H.I. noted that the new color availability is a significant upgrade for the two-inch polyurethane garage doors, offering customers another option to choose from adding  high quality product at a great price.

C.H.I. Expands Choices In Accents Selection

C.H.I. Overhead doors has recently expanded Accents Woodtones to the raised panel series. The woodtones portrays a wood grain look without the cost of a wood door. The wood grain design accentuates the recessed edges of the raised panel design in the door.
Accents Woodtones is available on raised panel models 2216/4216 and 2283/4283 in light oak, dark oak, cedar, and mahogany. Each model can be customized with window inserts and designer glass that is currently offered in raised panel doors.

How the Internet and Smart Phones Have Changed The Buying Process

The digitization of information, content and processes is transforming the technology buying process.

The launch of the internet , and its move from simple web pages has prompted companies to spend more time and effort on developing web sites. Which in result of this, businesses began advertising on other web sites.

Web sites has started to offer features that are not available in brochures- for example, the ability to view garage door options online and even designing your own door on a web site.

The presence of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram have provided businesses with the ability to reach out to consumers without paying for high dollar advertising. Social media sites give the consumer the opportunity and even the ability to support a particular business- by “liking” a company, clicking the “follow” button, retweeting a comment, etc.

While these moves were positive and have helped keep the garage door industry updated with technology, it has failed to recognize that there has been a fundamental shift in how consumers use data.

Consumers want to find information out on everything when and where they want it. not many people want to wait. Consumers no longer only want to know the type of garage door or the functions of a certain motor. They want to know where they can buy it, how much, what other buyers think of that product, and any other specifications regarding that product.

A garage door and opener is an infrequent purchase, many times homeowners are overwhelmed by the amount of data and opinions. Every situation throughout a sale in the garage door business is different. Allowing the homeowner to feel part of the sale and have them feel as if you are listening will help.

A good rule to take into consideration is that although consumers have full access to pricing and products, it does not make them a garage door connoisseur.


New Painting Requirements For Doors with Intellicore

Homeowners who wish to paint their Intellicore garage doors will now be required to use a color with an LRV(Light Reflective Value) below 38 unless an approved solar reflective paint is used. The new LRV requirements apply to both residential and commercial doors with Intellicore. To ensure homeowners are aware of this requirement, Clopay is applying a trilingual label to the back of all Intellicore garage doors that specifies the LRV requirements.

The label directs homeowners to visit http://info.garagedoors.com/lrv for more information on how to paint an Intellicore or overlay door. The detailed instructions on the website are provided in English, Spanish, and French.

The installation manuals and warranty pages for Intellicore and overlay doors have also been updated to reflect the new painting requirements.


Spring Clean Your Garage

More often people think of spring as a fresh start. Homeowners rid their households of unwanted items, making their living spaces more enjoyable. If you are the type of homeowner that likes to participate in “Spring Cleaning”, do not leave out your garage space during the process.

Spring is right around the corner and as the days start to get warmer and longer, homeowners tend to be outside more. During the spring and summer months we use our garage more, sometimes leaving it open for view. Don’t be embarrassed by a cluttered, unorganized garage. Get a head start on your spring cleaning starting with your garage.

Picking a sunny day, pull out all of your items that are inside your garage and sort through them in your driveway. You’ll immediately see what you do not need. It is helpful if you make piles. For example, a pile for trash, a pile for keep, and a pile for yard sale or donation. Also, you can make a separate pile for toxic items- batteries, old gas, paint- and dispose of them responsibly. (Visit earth911.com for recycling advice and resources.)

Once your garage is empty, you can visualize where you want larger items (lawn mower, bikes, work bench) to go. Also, you can see where you want regularly used items such as yard tools placed.

An empty garage is a great time to dust cob-webs off of your garage door sensors, paint, and even treat your garage floor with an epoxy treatment.

Hanging peg boards, hooks, and shelves for small tools and equipment is a great way to keep smaller items off of the floor.


Now that your former chaotic space has been transformed into a welcoming tidy space, you might actually can park your car inside. For more information and ideas on cleaning and organizing your garage door, click on the link below.

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/home/How-to-Clean-Out-Your-Garage-Spring-Cleaning-Tips-Peter-Walsh#ixzz3Tv7oFYa6

Frozen Garage Door Can Cause Unwanted Problems

Middle Tennessee is expecting another round of cold temperatures, freezing rain, and snow. Most of the time, unpredictable weather conditions such as these can wreak havoc on your morning routine.

So what happens when you wake up, get ready for work, and your garage door is frozen shut? Usually this situation can pose quite a problem, especially when you need to get your car out.

The freezing of a garage door happens when water accumulates under the seal and freezes. To keep your garage door free from winter’s hazardous ways throughout the cold months still to come, we’ve come up with some simple suggestions, so if you do find yourself stuck with a frozen-tight garage door, you’ll know just what to do!    

The first attempt should be to manually try and open your door. Shovel as much snow and ice away from the area as possible. Use the emergency release cord and pull down. This could be enough to break the sealed ice, depending on how much there is.  

  –  If that happens to fail, find yourself an ice scraper and chip away the ice between the bottom of the garage door and the concrete driveway.  Be careful around the astragal, which is sometimes referred to as “weather stripping” when chipping away the ice.

 –  You can also use a heat gun if that is available. It’s an efficient and quick way to help melt the ice.

–  You could leave a portable heater inside your garage, facing the door, to gradually thaw the ice.

–  If you aren’t leaving the property and its safe to do so, then leave the door open so the sun can help melt the ice and dry up the water.

–  Once you have the door open, it’s well worth cleaning the tracks and applying a lubricant to help keep them functioning.

To avoid finding yourself in this tricky situation again, you can help prevent your garage door from freezing over by using it as frequently as possible. Regular opening and closing of your garage door will help keep it functioning smoothly and won’t give the water long enough to freeze over before using it again. You could also try sprinkling salt along the edge of your garage door to prevent the ice from building-up.

If you have an automatic garage door that doesn’t open automatically because of the ice, do NOT try and open it automatically again. If you do, this can burn out the motor and cause further damage to the gears. If you’re looking for help with your garage door, then call on the professionals at Dixie Door.


Clopay’s New Website Has New Look,With Easier Navigation

Homeowners, architects, contractors, and the media use the internet for information and inspiration regarding garage doors. Today, more than ever before, it is critical that websites are attractive, easy to use, mobile optimized, and search engine optimized. That is why Clopay is excited to announce the launch of the new Clopaydoor.com!

Fresh New Look and Easier Navigation

Some of the websites key features are:

  • Fresh New Look
  • Easier to Navigate
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Zoom Feature
  • Buying Guide
  • Inspiration Gallery
  • Service and Support
  • My Idea Book

On the home page for both residential and commercial you will see Clopay’s powerful imagery pushed to each edge of your screen, showcasing their beautiful products and photography. The content of the new Clopaydoor.com has been reorganized for a better experience for the user, whether the user is a first time buyer just starting out their buying process or a customer looking to reference their warranty and maintenance instructions.

A key goal of the new website is to make it fully mobile optimized. Clopay felt that it was extremely important to ensure that the user experience is considered for each type of device. Once you are on the website, you will notice that the new website responds to any phone or tablet that you are using.








The Residential Inspiration Gallery. Users can browse by style and material to help inspire them with door ideas to compliment their home styles.









Below  is the Commerical Image Gallery. Users can browse by building type and material to help guide them to the best door for their application.









The zoom feature is available on all product pages for residential garage doors, entry doors, and commercial products. To access, click on the main image you have selected in the photo gallery then hover over the photo you wish to zoom-in on. This is a great new feature that will help show the fine details of Clopay’s products.










The My Idea Book is a place where any user can create a simple profile and save product images. They can then refer back to these products as they are making their purchase decision. Just look for the “add to my idea book” button on all product pages.












The Buying Guide was created with the first time buyer in mind. Many people will only buy a garage door once in their life, and this section is a great place to educate and help the first time buyer. The user will find information about materials, styles- and tools to help choose the door that best compliments their home and style.













The service and support area is designed to help customers before, during, and after their door installation. Here users can reference items like FAQ’s, warranties, installation, and maintenance manuals, etc.

A Black Garage Door Can Add Drama And Sophistication to Your Home

Prior to thermal-reflective paint, painting a steel surface such as a garage door would cause costly damages to the door. The dark color would absorb and retain the high heat, causing the door to bow out. Thankfully, Clopay has introduced a thermal-reflective paint that will keep a dark colored surface such as a black door cooler.

Clopay introduced black to its color choices about a year ago. Many Dixie Door customers have chose this color for their homes, adding a touch of glamour to their home. Recently, at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Clopay introduced a new modern style door to add to a contemporary taste. So with the sleek black look, along with a more modern style door, your home can look like as if it’s going to a black tie affair.

Clopay also earned a 2014 Handy Innovation Award Honorable Mention for its black steel garage doors.

For questions or for a free estimate on a new garage door call Dixie Door at 615-822-3667. Whether it be a contemporary look such as the one pictured to the left or a classic style door, we can help you.

Performing Periodic Checks Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Just like your car, your garage door also needs regular care. Providing regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs down the road. Your garage doors are the “face” of your home and most times the first thing that is noticed on your house. It can also be the most forgotten part of your home- at least until something goes wrong.

Is your garage door noisy? There is not an opener that runs completely silent but there is a difference between normal function and a noise that is undeniably a problem.  As with any machine with gears and moving parts, there are a number of things that can be causing a particular type of noise or malfunction. Depending on the model and how it’s installed, even some brand-new garage doors and garage door openers can make a surprising amount of noise.

Do you have broken springs? Torsion springs are above the garage door and are the actual piece that lift the weight of the door. Proper maintenance such as periodically checking the balance on your garage door. This will indicate whether or not the torsion springs are properly balancing, or removing, most of the weigh of the garage door. Keeping your springs lubricated and properly maintained will help extend the life of your springs.

So what do our service technicians do when they provide an annual maintenance check?

  • Inspect, Adjust and Lubricate Springs
  • Inspect Tension Spring Mounting Pad for Cracks and Splits
  • Inspect Section Condition
  • Inspect Door Alignment
  • Inspect and Lubricate All Rollers
  • Inspect and Tighten Hinges and Hardware
  • Lubricate All Bearings
  • Inspect Cables for Wear or Damage
  • Inspect Locks for Proper Operation
  • Inspect Weather Strip for Wear or Damage

If your garage door is needing a check-up, call us today to schedule a service call at 615-822-3667.

Garage Door Windows Can Add Extra Value

When installing a new garage door to your home, you as the homeowner have many options to add to your purchase. Deciding which upgrade to add to your garage door can be overwhelming. One add-on I would definitely recommend is adding windows to your door.

Many people underestimate the value that windows can add to a garage door. The difference can be stunning and has been proven to instantly add thousands of dollars to a home’s value, plus increase your home’s curb appeal.

These before and after photos show the amazing difference adding windows to your garage door can have on your home’s curb appeal.

Plus, windows also allow natural light into the garage making the space brighter and more inviting. Seasonal temperatures can be kept out with insulated glass and options of clear, acrylic or obscure glass add to your choices. Coordinating the windows on your home with your garage door windows create a strong connection.

Get rid of the boring garage door and add a little more value to your home. Call us today for a free estimate.

Reasons Your Garage Door Is Not Opening During Cold Temperatures

It’s a cold morning and you are ready to leave for work, you press the button on your garage door remote, and nothing happens. Unfortunately, with cold weather this happens often but why?

Several problems could be causing your garage door to stick in the cold. Most you can fix yourself, though more significant problems such as a spring replacement require a professional technician to repair.

  1. While your garage door is in the down position, disconnect the opener and try to raise the door manually. Check for spots where it sticks. This may show a grease buildup.
  2. Check for broken springs. If your garage door feels heavy to lift manually, you likely have a broken spring.
  3. If the door raises and lowers by hand easily, the opener’s force settings may need to be adjusted.

In cold weather metal contracts, causing the springs and other metal parts to seize up. Using a silicone-based lubricant, lubricate the springs, hinges, rollers, and other moving parts. Also wear, misalignment of the rollers, and warped tracks can stall the performance of your door system. Most garage door systems include a spring system which helps balance the weight of the door. Eventually, these springs will reach their lifecycle and break. This more often then not will occur in the winter months. A repair of this nature should be performed by a trained professional at Dixie Door.

Furthermore you can prevent your garage door from winter issues by doing some maintenance yourself by:

  • Apply a spray solvent to rollers, hinges, roller tracks, hinges, and latches.
  • Lubricate the pulleys or the bearings.
  • Wipe everything clean. If any rollers or hinges seem stuck, soak them in a solvent, using a stiff brush to clean the cracks. Wipe clean again.
  • Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the springs, screw drive, shuttle, roller bearings and torsion bar bearings.




New Remote Offers Sleek And Modern Design

LiftMaster has introduced an Universal Remote Control that is compatible with most major brands of garage door openers. Replacing the former model number 375LM, it delivers the latest security and performance, and provides a convenient, cost effective way to consolidate the number of remotes in your vehicle.

The universal compatibility allows you to operate two different garage door manufacturers at the same, also giving the consumer a 1-year limited warranty. The security+2.0 safeguards your household- allowing a new code to be sent to the garage door opener so that the door only opens for you.

The new 2-button garage door opener is compatible with most major brands with photo eyes. Call our showroom today, 615-822-3667 for a list of compatible brands.