New Painting Requirements For Doors with Intellicore

Homeowners who wish to paint their Intellicore garage doors will now be required to use a color with an LRV(Light Reflective Value) below 38 unless an approved solar reflective paint is used. The new LRV requirements apply to both residential and commercial doors with Intellicore. To ensure homeowners are aware of this requirement, Clopay is applying a trilingual label to the back of all Intellicore garage doors that specifies the LRV requirements.

The label directs homeowners to visit for more information on how to paint an Intellicore or overlay door. The detailed instructions on the website are provided in English, Spanish, and French.

The installation manuals and warranty pages for Intellicore and overlay doors have also been updated to reflect the new painting requirements.


Clopay’s New Website Has New Look,With Easier Navigation

Homeowners, architects, contractors, and the media use the internet for information and inspiration regarding garage doors. Today, more than ever before, it is critical that websites are attractive, easy to use, mobile optimized, and search engine optimized. That is why Clopay is excited to announce the launch of the new!

Fresh New Look and Easier Navigation

Some of the websites key features are:

  • Fresh New Look
  • Easier to Navigate
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Zoom Feature
  • Buying Guide
  • Inspiration Gallery
  • Service and Support
  • My Idea Book

On the home page for both residential and commercial you will see Clopay’s powerful imagery pushed to each edge of your screen, showcasing their beautiful products and photography. The content of the new has been reorganized for a better experience for the user, whether the user is a first time buyer just starting out their buying process or a customer looking to reference their warranty and maintenance instructions.

A key goal of the new website is to make it fully mobile optimized. Clopay felt that it was extremely important to ensure that the user experience is considered for each type of device. Once you are on the website, you will notice that the new website responds to any phone or tablet that you are using.








The Residential Inspiration Gallery. Users can browse by style and material to help inspire them with door ideas to compliment their home styles.









Below  is the Commerical Image Gallery. Users can browse by building type and material to help guide them to the best door for their application.









The zoom feature is available on all product pages for residential garage doors, entry doors, and commercial products. To access, click on the main image you have selected in the photo gallery then hover over the photo you wish to zoom-in on. This is a great new feature that will help show the fine details of Clopay’s products.










The My Idea Book is a place where any user can create a simple profile and save product images. They can then refer back to these products as they are making their purchase decision. Just look for the “add to my idea book” button on all product pages.












The Buying Guide was created with the first time buyer in mind. Many people will only buy a garage door once in their life, and this section is a great place to educate and help the first time buyer. The user will find information about materials, styles- and tools to help choose the door that best compliments their home and style.













The service and support area is designed to help customers before, during, and after their door installation. Here users can reference items like FAQ’s, warranties, installation, and maintenance manuals, etc.

Clopay Coachman Painting Instructions – Revised 8/29/2013


The Clopay Coachman Collection painting instructions were updated on January 14, 2013 (See Here:  Painting Instructions).

We are pleased to announce that TWO more paints have been approved for desired colors of less than an LRV of 38.

  1. Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Paint with VinylSafe Technology
  2. Sherwin-Williams Polane Solar Reflective Polyurethane Enamel Paint

Note:  When painting with colors that have an LRV less than 38, Clopay highly recommends a bonding primer as a first coat to improve adhesion of the topcoat of latex paint.

Examples of bonding primers:  Sherwin-Williams DTM Bonding Primer or Sherwin-Williams Bond-Plex Acrylic Coating.


Wood Garage Doors: Care & Maintenance

Maintaining Your Painted or Stained Door

Regular maintenance of your wood garage door will help protect it from the environment and ensure longevity.  We recommend that you have the specified maintenances performed.  Annual examine your door for any signs of paint finish cracking or peeling or for any cracks in the wood door section.

Surface Repair

Minor cracks in the wood should be repaired by filling in the area with an exterior grade stainable or paintable caulk compound and then refinished.  Detailed finishing instructions can be found at  Failure to repair cracks could potentially lead to more extensive section damage in the future.  Gouges in the wood surface can be repaired with an epoxy wood filler.  If extensive damage occurs to the door, Clopay recommends that the door section be replaced.  Failure to do so could result in damage or injury to property or individuals in the garage.

Painted Door

If the door is painted, Clopay recommends that it be repainted every 1-2 years to protect or seal the door against the elements.

Stained Door

If the door is stained, reapply stain as needed per the stain manufacturer’s recommendations.  In general, the clearer the stain, the more it will need to be reapplied.




The Advantages of Clopay

1.  North America’s largest and most trusted garage door brand.

2.  Owned and manufactured in the U.S.A.

3.  Since 1996, the only garage door brand backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

4.  Developed proprietary Intellicore technology, Intellicore insulated doors are warmer, quieter and stronger.

5.  Offers the widest selection of door styles that focus on attention to detail, curb appeal and construction to meet budget and design requirements.

6.  Committed to providing the industry’s best warranties and customer support.

7.  Repeatedly voted #1 by independent professional dealers.

8.  Only manufacturer to offer entry doors designed to complement garage doors.





fiberglass front doors


IMAGINE your home reinvented.


Clopay is excited to announce that is has launched a new multimedia advertising campaign that will achieve more than 120 million impressions in 2013.  The imagine campaign has been developed to drive high-quality leads with powerful print and interactive ads that target motivated shoppers.


The imagine campaign shows homeowners how easy it is to dramatically reinvent the appearance of a home by selecting a Clopay garage door.  The “white space” on the home in the ad signifies a fresh start where homeowners can explore the possibilities.

The new magazine ad contains a Quick Response (QR) code that, when scanned with a smart phone, provides a link to a mobile-friendly interactive web page at  Here, consumers can view different styles of garage doors on sample homes to quickly see how a new Clopay door can completely rejuvenate a home.

Visitors may also link to the Clopay door Imagination System (D.I.S.) or choose to find a Clopay dealer.

The new imagine print ad will appear in the following popular consumer and industry trade publications:
House Beautiful
HGTV Magazine
Midwest Living
Good Housekeeping
This Old House
– Traditional Home
– DuJour
– Door & Access Systems
– International Door & Operator
– Professional Door Dealer


The digital imagine campaign is being promoted through powerful media companies including Scripps Networks (HGTV, Frontdoor, Curb Appeal), Haven Home (Bob Vila, Remodel-aholic, Remodeling guy)and others.  Clopay has partnered with HGTV for a total site immersion including a home page take-over, banner ads and “brandscapes” – large Clopay brand images that surround a website’s normal content.

Clopay brand promos also will be featured on the Curb Appeal TV show airing on HGTV.  (See promo video at

The imagine banner ads let viewers change the look of a home by selecting various Clopay door styles.  Then, once a consumer has visited the website, a retargeting ad will be served to them later, to remind them to find a Clopay dealer to begin their home transformation.



Clopay discontinues Model 32A – While Supplies Last

The Model 32A is a rough sawn hardboard flush panel wood door.  Due to a sourcing elimination of the rough sawn hardboard, we are discontinuing this model.  At this time we have depleted our inventory of doors over 16′ wide and in 24″ sections.

Because of this, we will no longer be able to accept orders for doors or replacement sections 16′ wide and larger with 24″ sections for the Model 32A.  All other sizes are subject to material availability.

If you have a need for a complete door similar to the Model 32A, Clopay recommends the Model 33.  The Model 33 is a heavy duty 1-5/8″ thick flush wood door available in smooth or rough sawn hardboard in paint and stain grade finishes.

For more information, please contact us at 615-822-3667.


Clopay Commercial Videos

Clopay commercial is pleased to introduce a new maintenance video for sectional doors.  This video is located on our website at  It is intended to be a complimentary piece to commercial close-out documents, demonstrating routine maintenance and inspection as well as encouraging annual service by a Clopay door professional.  This video was created for dealers to provide building owners instruction on how to properly maintain a commercial overhead door.

In addition to the maintenance video, we have added our commercial overhead door installation videos to our website.  These can be found by clicking “Commercial Videos” under the Service/Support area of the commercial landing page (  The installation videos can be used to assist with training your personnel on the proper installation of a commercial overhead door.

We hope that you find these videos useful!  If you would like more information, call us at 615-822-3667.


Clopay CYPRESS Collection – Garage Doors


Dixie Door is excited to announce the availability of the new, Clopay Cypress Collection garage doors for the Middle TN area! The Cypress Collection features the extremely popular Ultra-Grain (wood look) paint finish on insulated, flush (no residential ‘square’ stamping, has horizontal woodgrain print and woodgrain textured surface) garage doors.  These doors are available to order immediately through Dixie Door.  Call us at 615-822-3667 for a free measure and estimate on the job site.  We’ll bring you product brochures and samples so you can customer pick your door.

Clopay Cypress Collection Brochure

Clopay Cypress Collection Glass Options

Cypress Collection insulted garage doors, featuring Clopay’s popular Ultra-Grain paint finish in a ‘flush wood door’, make an attractive, practical, and energy efficient option for any home’s garage.  Available with high R-value intellicore (polyurethane) or polystyrene insulation in 2″ or 1-3/8″ thicknesses, these flush panel models offer exception insulating properties, strength, security, and quite operation.  With many decorative window and hardware styles, the Clopay Cypress Collection garage doors will dramatically impreove the curb appeal of your home without breaking your budget.



–  3-layer steel construction for maximum durability, energy efficiency and quiet operation.
–  2″ or 1-3/8″ intellicore (polyurethane) insulation (steel back) available in R-values ranging from 6.5 to 18.4.
–  Ultra-Grain painted steel surface with woodgrain texture simulates a real stained door without the need of staining or the ongoing maintenance of wood.  Available in Medium or Walnut.
–  Weathertight tongue-and-groove section joints help seal out wind, rain, and snow.
–  Replaceable bottom weatherseal in a rust-proof aluminum retainer helps prevent elements from entering garage.
–  Patented Safe-T-Bracket helps prevent serious injury that could occur if the bottom bracket were removed with the garage door closed and under tension.
–  Nylon rollers are smooth and quiet.
–  Prepainted interior steel backing creates a clean, finished appearance.


Available Models:

– Model 9202 (2″ Intellicore-polyurethane w/ 18.4 R-Value);

– Model 9132 (1-3/8″ Intellicore-polyurethane w/ 12.9 R-Value);

– Model 4302 (2″ Polystyrene insulation w/ 9.0 R-Value);

– Model 4132 (1-3/8″ Polystyrene insulation w/ 6.5 R-Value)





Residential Garage Door Vents

Effective immediately, garage door vents can be ordered on tongue-and-groove PAN models.

Benefits & Specifications:
– Now available on the following WindCode models: Clopay’s Value Series Models T40S and T50S; Already available on Models 73 and 94.
– Available in 21″ bottom sections only.
– The vent is punched below the panel emboss for a clean and attractive appearance.
– Screen is adhered to interior surface directly behind the vent to help protect against insects.
– Designed for 60 square inch (8′ and 9′ wide doors) and 120 square inch (16′ and 18′ wide doors) of ventilation area.


Sherwin-Williams Garage Door Color Sheet


New for 2013, homeowners can visit any Sherwin-Williams retail store and ask the sales associate to match their Clopay garage door color(s).  All Clopay steel doors can be painted with an exterior latex paint.

–  Exterior Latex Paint;
–  For Ultra-Grain wood colors, the color option is complementary to the grain finish;
–  Paint formulations are loaded in Sherwin-Williams’s computer system;

For Middle Tennessee Sherwin-Williams stores and locations, please review the information below to find the store nearest you:

Hendersonville  Store #2731

333 W Main St

Hendersonville, TN 37075-3320

(615) 822-4011


Madison  Store #2036

903 Gallatin Pike S # Dr.

Madison, TN 37115-4603

(615) 868-1083


Gallatin  Store #2030

697 Nashville Pike

Gallatin, TN 37066-5417

(615) 452-4661


Hermitage  Store #2135

3438 Lebanon Pike # A

Hermitage, TN 37076-2006

(615) 883-0986


Springfield  Store #2631

2812 Memorial Blvd

Springfield, TN 37172-4241

(615) 384-4689


Mount Juliet  Store #2730

2000 Herschel Dr

Mount Juliet, TN 37122-6480

(615) 758-6454


Lebanon  Store #2017

212 N Cumberland St

Lebanon, TN 37087-2786

(615) 444-3708



New Design Choices


The Clopay Gallery Collection is now available with four new window designs and aluminum decorative hardware, allowing more unique design choices.  These additional window designs are available to order immediately.

Benefits & Specifications:
– Consumers will have four additional new window designs for the Gallery Collection.  See images below for visual reference.
–  REC 12 – Available on all door widths.
–  GRVA1 – Available on 2 and 4-panel door widths only.
–  GRVA2 – Available on 2, 3, 4 and 5-panel door widths.
–  GRVA3 – Availalbe on 3, 4 and 5-panel door widths.
– These new window designs are also avilable on Grand Harbor and Polyurethane insulated Premium Series models (framiny option, GRVA2, will not be available on the Grand Harbor Collection).

Clopay Gallery Vertical Arched Glass

Additional Decorative Hardware:
A fastener bag has been created to allow additional decorative hardware to be mounted to the Gallery Collection.  The aluminum decorative hardware (shown below) will now contain an additional bag of fasteners to allow for installation on all 1,2 and 3-Layer Gallery models.  This is effective immediately.

Benefits & Specifications:
The following aluminum decorative hardware will now how have an additional bag of fasteners to allow for installation of the Gallery Collection.
Available on the following models: GD4S, GD4L, GD4SV, GD4LV, GD5S, GD5SV, GD2SU, GD2LU, GD2SP, GD2LP, GD1SU, GD1LP, GD1SP, GD1LP.
Allows for additional decorative hardware to be installed on the Gallery Collection, giving more options to the end consumer.

Gallery Garage Door Decorative Hardware