Frozen Garage Door Can Cause Unwanted Problems

Middle Tennessee is expecting another round of cold temperatures, freezing rain, and snow. Most of the time, unpredictable weather conditions such as these can wreak havoc on your morning routine.

So what happens when you wake up, get ready for work, and your garage door is frozen shut? Usually this situation can pose quite a problem, especially when you need to get your car out.

The freezing of a garage door happens when water accumulates under the seal and freezes. To keep your garage door free from winter’s hazardous ways throughout the cold months still to come, we’ve come up with some simple suggestions, so if you do find yourself stuck with a frozen-tight garage door, you’ll know just what to do!    

The first attempt should be to manually try and open your door. Shovel as much snow and ice away from the area as possible. Use the emergency release cord and pull down. This could be enough to break the sealed ice, depending on how much there is.  

  –  If that happens to fail, find yourself an ice scraper and chip away the ice between the bottom of the garage door and the concrete driveway.  Be careful around the astragal, which is sometimes referred to as “weather stripping” when chipping away the ice.

 –  You can also use a heat gun if that is available. It’s an efficient and quick way to help melt the ice.

–  You could leave a portable heater inside your garage, facing the door, to gradually thaw the ice.

–  If you aren’t leaving the property and its safe to do so, then leave the door open so the sun can help melt the ice and dry up the water.

–  Once you have the door open, it’s well worth cleaning the tracks and applying a lubricant to help keep them functioning.

To avoid finding yourself in this tricky situation again, you can help prevent your garage door from freezing over by using it as frequently as possible. Regular opening and closing of your garage door will help keep it functioning smoothly and won’t give the water long enough to freeze over before using it again. You could also try sprinkling salt along the edge of your garage door to prevent the ice from building-up.

If you have an automatic garage door that doesn’t open automatically because of the ice, do NOT try and open it automatically again. If you do, this can burn out the motor and cause further damage to the gears. If you’re looking for help with your garage door, then call on the professionals at Dixie Door.


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