How the Internet and Smart Phones Have Changed The Buying Process

The digitization of information, content and processes is transforming the technology buying process.

The launch of the internet , and its move from simple web pages has prompted companies to spend more time and effort on developing web sites. Which in result of this, businesses began advertising on other web sites.

Web sites has started to offer features that are not available in brochures- for example, the ability to view garage door options online and even designing your own door on a web site.

The presence of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram have provided businesses with the ability to reach out to consumers without paying for high dollar advertising. Social media sites give the consumer the opportunity and even the ability to support a particular business- by “liking” a company, clicking the “follow” button, retweeting a comment, etc.

While these moves were positive and have helped keep the garage door industry updated with technology, it has failed to recognize that there has been a fundamental shift in how consumers use data.

Consumers want to find information out on everything when and where they want it. not many people want to wait. Consumers no longer only want to know the type of garage door or the functions of a certain motor. They want to know where they can buy it, how much, what other buyers think of that product, and any other specifications regarding that product.

A garage door and opener is an infrequent purchase, many times homeowners are overwhelmed by the amount of data and opinions. Every situation throughout a sale in the garage door business is different. Allowing the homeowner to feel part of the sale and have them feel as if you are listening will help.

A good rule to take into consideration is that although consumers have full access to pricing and products, it does not make them a garage door connoisseur.


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