Performing Periodic Checks Can Prevent Costly Repairs

Just like your car, your garage door also needs regular care. Providing regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs down the road. Your garage doors are the “face” of your home and most times the first thing that is noticed on your house. It can also be the most forgotten part of your home- at least until something goes wrong.

Is your garage door noisy? There is not an opener that runs completely silent but there is a difference between normal function and a noise that is undeniably a problem.  As with any machine with gears and moving parts, there are a number of things that can be causing a particular type of noise or malfunction. Depending on the model and how it’s installed, even some brand-new garage doors and garage door openers can make a surprising amount of noise.

Do you have broken springs? Torsion springs are above the garage door and are the actual piece that lift the weight of the door. Proper maintenance such as periodically checking the balance on your garage door. This will indicate whether or not the torsion springs are properly balancing, or removing, most of the weigh of the garage door. Keeping your springs lubricated and properly maintained will help extend the life of your springs.

So what do our service technicians do when they provide an annual maintenance check?

  • Inspect, Adjust and Lubricate Springs
  • Inspect Tension Spring Mounting Pad for Cracks and Splits
  • Inspect Section Condition
  • Inspect Door Alignment
  • Inspect and Lubricate All Rollers
  • Inspect and Tighten Hinges and Hardware
  • Lubricate All Bearings
  • Inspect Cables for Wear or Damage
  • Inspect Locks for Proper Operation
  • Inspect Weather Strip for Wear or Damage

If your garage door is needing a check-up, call us today to schedule a service call at 615-822-3667.

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